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All children and youth thrive in school, at home, and throughout life.


NASP empowers school psychologists by advancing effective practices to improve students’ learning, behavior, and mental health.

Core Values

Advocacy: NASP engages in actions and activities that seek to positively influence outcomes directly affecting the lives of the students, families and schools we serve.

Collaborative Relationships: NASP partners with allied organizations, agencies, and others to develop and achieve shared goals.

Continuous Improvement: NASP sets challenging objectives and measures the effectiveness of organizational processes and professional practices.

Diversity: NASP understands and honors individual, cultural and other contextual differences in our own interactions and as they shape student’s development.

Excellence: NASP is committed to honesty and to treating others with dignity and respect.

Integrity: NASP understands and honors individual, cultural and other contextual differences in our own interactions and as they shape student’s development.

Student-Centered: NASP strategically selects goals and activities focused on the needs of students and their families.

Visionary Leadership: NASP approaches our work with optimism, energy, and confidence, working pragmatically with “what is” while moving toward "what can be."

Strategic Priorities and Goals

Promote Culturally Competent Practice by providing professional development, resources, and advocacy for culturally responsive services and schools.

Diversify the Profession of School Psychology by recruiting individuals from diverse backgrounds to become school psychologists, and involved in NASP, so that we better reflect the children and families we serve. 

Advocate for Children, Youth, Families, and Schools by working to improve policies that will more effectively meet the needs of the whole-child.

Enhance Professional Advocacy by empowering school psychologists to uphold high professional standards, engage in practice that reflects the full range of their expertise, and communicate the value of their work to key stakeholders.

Strengthen Connections With Members by improving organizational structures, operations, and means of member feedback to attract and retain members throughout their careers.

Partner With State Associations to accomplish shared goals and to build a diverse pool of effective leaders at the local, state, and national levels.

Promote Evidence-Based Professional Practice by supporting research that demonstrates the relationship between school psychological services, particularly related to the NASP Practice Model, and positive outcomes for students.

Support Life-Long Professional Learning by providing professional development in multiple formats and across all domains of practice to meet changing and diverse practice needs.

Improve Resource Alignment, Optimization, and Transparency by aligning all policies, practices, programs, and resources to advance strategic priorities and communicate decision-making with transparency and equity.

Enhance Leadership Development by identifying, recruiting and mentoring new leaders across all areas of the Association and ensure that they reflect cultural, geographic, age, and role diversity.

NASP Strategic Plan: Adopted July 2012