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Children's Fund Grant Opportunities

One of the main purposes of the Children's Fund is to provide grants in support of projects that benefit children and families. The Children's Fund Board of Trustees looks for projects that:

  • Advocate for the essential rights and welfare of children and youth
  • Promote learning environments that facilitate optimal development
  • Produce effective interventions that address both learning and social–emotional issues that impede a child's success and well-being
  • Embrace individual and group differences of children and youth based on gender and diverse ethnic, cultural, language, and experiential backgrounds

Children's Basic Needs/Mental Health Practitioner Grants

Basic Needs Grants are designed to meet the specific needs of children and youth that are not currently being met. Funding is available for one such grant per year and is currently at a maximum rate of $300 per grant. Applicants must be current NASP members. Current membership in the NASP Children's Fund, Inc. is also encouraged. Examples of items meeting grant criteria include clothing, food, eyeglasses, school supplies, dental work, etc.

Mental Health Grants are intended to encourage practicing school psychologists (and interns in school psychology) to enhance their own capabilities to provide mental health services within their schools. Examples of items that are acceptable for funding include therapeutic videos and games, relaxation tapes, counseling resources, books for bibliotherapy, and social skills resources. The intent is for funded items to remain with the school psychologists rather than belonging to the school district. Examples that are not suitable for funding include food items, sensory items, parent/student transportation, items that should be provided by an IEP or 504 plan, general office start-ups, iPads, iPods, dissertation materials, or research materials. Funding is available for one such grant per year and is currently at a maximum rate of $200 per grant. Applicants must be current members of NASP and the NASP Children's Fund, Inc. TO become a NASP Children's Fund, Inc. member, a $10 check made out to the NASP Children's Fund, Inc. should be sent to Tom Delaney, Treasurer, NASP Children's Fund, Inc., 1021 NW Richmond Beach Road, Shoreline, WA 98177-3220.

Please contact E. Jeanne Pound with any questions.

Service Grants

Service Grants in amounts of $500 to $3000 are available and must provide direct benefit to children. Applicants must be school psychologists and must be current members of both NASP and The Children's Fund. Examples of Service Grants that have been approved in the last several years include a district-wide community reading day, a project focusing on prevention of bullying, and a project that provided a gifted and talented lending library and resource bank for families of gifted children in an economically underprivileged neighborhood.

Please contact Lynne Thies with any questions.

Youth Empowerment Mini-Grants

Youth Empowerment Mini-Grants of up to $500 are available to student groups or individuals who develop projects that assist their fellow students. These grants may be used for antibullying projects, appreciation for diversity projects, or any other program that focuses on student assistance. The application may be submitted by a student and/or student advisor but must be countersigned by the Responsible Adult Fiscal Agent. The Responsible Adult Fiscal Agent must be a current NASP member who will be responsible for:

  • overseeing the project
  • ensuring that the grant funds are spent for the purposes intended as stipulated in the grant application
  • submitting all receipts for expenses to the Children's Fund. Grant recipients are also required to submit a short written report summarizing the project and its success. Up to five Youth Empowerment Mini-Grants will be awarded each year.

Please contact Janet Friedman with any questions.