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Frequently Asked Questions - Publications and Printed Materials

Can I use a purchase order when buying a book?

NASP accepts purchase orders for book purchases. Purchase orders can be faxed to the NASP Publications department at (301) 657-3127. Please be aware that purchase orders are not valid for membership dues payments.

Can my school district purchase materials using my membership number?

Although NASP does not offer institutional memberships, your school district may use your membership number to purchase books. Your membership must be current for you or your school to receive the NASP member discount on book purchases.

How can I order handouts and NASP Center materials?

Single copies of NASP handouts can be downloaded or ordered in hard copy from the online store. For bulk order requests, please e-mail center@naspweb.org with the title(s) and desired quantity, and we will respond to you with pricing information.

How do I order materials for a PREPaRE workshop?

PREPaRE workshop participants receive a set of workshop-specific curriculum materials provided in binder and CD format. All workshop materials are ordered through NASP for a per-participant fee. Materials may only be ordered for workshops being conducted by certified PREPaRE Trainers (which NASP will verify).