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Frequently Asked Questions

This resource area provides you with the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Using the Website
How to use the NASP website to access the resources you need.

Your NASP Member Record
How to update your NASP member record.

NASP Office and Governance
How to contact the NASP office staff and leadership.

Learn about membership categories, dues payments, membership cards and member benefits.

National Certification (NCSP)
How to apply for or renew your NCSP.

Conventions and Conferences
Find out about the upcoming NASP Annual Convention and Summer Conferences.

Communiqué, School Psychology Review, and School Psychology Forum
Get information on the publication and delivery of these periodicals.

Publications and Printed Materials
How to order NASP books and publications.

Promote the Profession
Learn how you can promote the importance of the profession during School Psychology Week and throughout the year.

Career Opportunities
Find out about job listings and other career resources.

Cultural Competence
Learn more about cultural competence.

About School Psychology
Learn more about the school psychology profession.