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NASP Children's Fund

The NASP Children's Fund is a tax-exempt, non-profit, independent charity. The Fund accepts and disburses monies for charitable purposes that are consistent with the Fund's priorities. These include:

  • Advocating for the essential rights and welfare of all children and youth;
  • Embracing individual and group differences in children and youth based upon gender and diverse ethnic, cultural, language, and experiential backgrounds;
  • Promoting learning environments which facilitate optimal development; and
  • Producing effective interventions that address both learning and social/emotional issues that impede a child's success and happiness.


The Children's Fund is administered by a board of ten trustees elected by NASP Delegates at Delegate Assembly that occurs in conjunction with the NASP annual  convention.  Two representatives are elected from each of four regions and two others are elected as at-large members.  Trustees serve staggered four-year terms. 

For more information about the NASP Children's Fund, please refer to our Annual Reports (PDF) or contact one of the current members of the Board of Trustees listed below.


To become a Children's Fund member, please send $10 to Tom Delaney, Treasurer, 1021 NW Richmond Beach Road, Shoreline, WA 98177-3220, stating that you want to become a member.  A donation alone does not qualify for membership.

Donations and Membership

Anyone may donate to the Children's Fund. The Fund accepts cash donations and gifts of goods or services for their auction at the NASP annual convention. NASP members may add a cash donation to their NASP membership application/renewal form or send a check payable to the "NASP Children's Fund" to NASP, 4340 East West Highway, Suite 402, Bethesda, MD 20814. 

Board of Trustees

Central Region
Sally Baas (Minnesota)
Candis Hogan (Oklahoma)

Northeast Region
Janet Friedman, President (New Jersey)
Lynne Thies (New York)

Southeast Region
Jeanne Pound, Vice President (Georgia)
Beverly Winter (West Virginia)

Western Region
Tom Delaney, Treasurer (Washington)
Abby Gottsegen, Secretary (Utah)

Fulvia Franco (Utah)
Joe Gerard (Alaska)

Susan Gorin - Executive Director of the National Association of School Psychologists
Laura Benson - Chief Operating Officer of the National Association of School Psychologists