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NASP–ERT Minority Scholarship Program
for Graduate Training in School Psychology — 2013 Scholarship Application
Deadline: October 15, 2012

In order to be eligible for the Minority Scholarship, you must be a NASP Member. If you are not a NASP member, review the Application Overview (a comprehensive guide for the application process) for details about the process, requirements, and alerts.

Application Process

Part 1 - Applicant provides demographic information, academic information, recommender names, statement of professional goals, résumé, and reviews/submits application. You may return and edit the online component at any time prior to submission.

Part 2 - Recommenders submits letters of recommendation once the applicant has submitted Part 1.

Part 3 - Applicant submits paper copies of Student Aid Report (SAR) and all official transcripts, through the last term completed, undergraduate and graduate, together in one package.

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